7. Review Policy

            All the reviews on Adventure IO are written by Participants from our community, so any review you see is based on an Adventure that a Participant had in a Guide’s Adventure.

            You have 14 days after your Adventure to write a review.

            Writing a review

            To leave a review for a recent Adventure, go to your reviews. Reviews are limited to 500 words and must follow Adventure IO’s Content Policy. You can edit your review for up to 48 hours, unless your Guide or Participant completes their review.

            Review history

            To see reviews you've written or reviews about you, go to your reviews. You'll also see any private feedback that people have left you.

            Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove a review if we find that it violates our Content Policy.

            Group reviews

            If a reservation has more than one confirmed participant, the Guide’s review will appear on all of the Participants’ profiles.

            Updated: 21 Jan 2019 03:21 AM
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